Models, images, and movies

Finite element variable-resolution grid. MPEG4 movie. 6.3MB. Global coarse grid and local high-resolution grid for California, with fault elements and topography shown.

San Gorgonio Pass faults.
Quicktime movie. 8.3MB

Southern California clustered earthquakes Quicktime movie. 16.1MB

Northridge thrust 3-D model.  This fault model is now part of the SCEC Community Fault Model (CFM).

Central-northern Taiwan, clustered earthquakes. Quicktime movie. 4.7MB

1999 Chi-Chi earthquake, Taiwan, photos 1. Photos of fault scarps, fault-related folding, and damage taken in March 2000.

1999 Chi-Chi earthquake, Taiwan, photos 2.
Photos of features produced as a consequence of the 1999 earthquake, ten years later (February 2009), including erosion in river beds.

Lithospheric structure of Taiwan from tomography and earthquake data. Quicktime movie.

Legend for movie:

purple = Main Detachment (EU)
gray = Moho (below Taiwan = EU, offshore = PH)
pink = base of Eurasian lithosphere
green = top of subducting Philippines plate
red = arc material

March 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake, Japan

Monte Rosa - Matterhorn VR panorama.
- Photo jpeg. View from the Gorner Ridge looking south. Quicktime VR interactive file (download only) or plain photo, August 2009.

Monte Rosa and Gorner Glacier. View from the Gorner Ridge, August 2009.

Glarus Thrust VR panorama. - Photo jpeg.
View looking west-northwest. Quicktime VR interactive file (download only), or plain photo, August 2009.

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