Module P14 - Communicating Science

P14.1 - Scientific Writing, P14.2 Scientific Presentations

preliminary schedule (to be confirmed): Mondays and Thursdays, 10-12

language: English

Instructors: Sara Carena

General information

This module is pass/fail.

All student participants will have to give presentations to the class during the semester, and submit writing samples for evaluation.

Students must have their own material to work with. That means that only students who have either started their Master thesis in the 3rd semester, or who have at least completed module P8 (Supervised research project) will be able to participate. If you have done neither, do not bother to show up, because you will not be able to do any work in class. In such a case, you should postpone taking this course until you have something of substance to work with. The students who will profit most from this class are those who are actively writing their Master thesis, and who are planning to defend it by the summer.

This course is about taking your own results (which you have produced yourself, and which therefore you should be very familiar with), writing them up, and presenting them to an audience. It
is not about producing the results themselves (that is something you already have an advisor to help you with), or reading papers by someone else and presenting them (that is a literature seminar).

This is not a language class. While we will work on grammar and spelling issues (which native English speakers have just as much as non-native speakers), the main focus will be on how to structure a scientific paper or presentation. Therefore if you know that you have significant problems with English grammar and spelling, be prepared to put in extra work on your own time outside class. That is best done before the start of the semester.

Textbooks (required)

For P14.1 - Scientific Writing: A. Wallwork (2011), English for Writing Research Papers, Springer, 325 pp.

For P14.2 - Scientific Presentations: A. Wallwork (2011), English for Presentations at International Conferences, Springer, 179 pp.


Updated 09.01.2015